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System Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance and system management

GI E&S provides tailor-made service for system maintenance and management. We maintains the system and hardware in the best condition with minimizing management costs and providing efficient solutions, and conducts system upgrades and troubleshooting by phase.

Comprehensive maintenance service

S/W -> (Systems) icon
  • O/S and Solution installation
  • Troubleshooting (Remote access)
  • Routine inspection
    Technical support
    Log management
  • Performance analysis and security check
    Patch and upgrade
    Database management and maintenance
H/W -> (Server, Network) icon
  • Pre-examination
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Upgrade
Solution service icon
  • Local back-up
  • Cloud back-up
  • Server virtualization
Infrastructure icon
  • IT center establishment and relocation
  • Network establishment and management
  • Security equipment establishment